Forum 31



The first writers: the Indus Valley
Part three of the previously unpublished first chapter of Ewan Clayton’s history of writing

A creative life
An interview with Brenda Berman

A profile of Letter Exchange founding member John Shaw

Victory and the vernacular
James Mosley reports on his campaign to repaint the name
on the stern of HMS Victory

William Gilpin
Signwriter of Ulverston

Sebastian Carter
Visits the Buchstaben Museum in Berlin to see a unique collection of rescued signage.

Information, news and reviews
Ramblings from Pat Khan
Letters with Shade: a lettercutting exhibition in Osaka and Tokyo
Met andere woorden exhibition in Belgium curated by Brody Neuenschwander
Review of The Graphic Lexicon by Jim Sutherland
Cutting a dash: the Female Line at the Lettering Arts Centre reviewed
And other exhibition and book reviews

Obituary of Adrian Frutiger

32 pages
Published March 2016