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Our lectures are an opportunity to hear celebrated lettering artists, crafts practitioners and designers talking on a variety of subjects.

You don’t have to be a member to come along, everyone is welcome. They are held at The Art Workers’ Guild in London and whenever possible they are also live-streamed.



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Vera Evstafieva

Type designer and calligrapher

All letters, translucent and dense

The way of letter creation, movement or stability, halftones or the solid black, and many other distinct characteristics of typographic and calligraphic letters are a fruitful field for exploration and insight. Vera is going to speak about the properties of letterforms in type and calligraphy that she experiences in her projects. Opposites and similarities of these forms’ nature provoke new ideas to evolve in both fields.

This is an in-person and live-streamed event
Members £7, non-members £10, students £5
You can pay at the door or book tickets in advance via Eventbrite

14 June 2023
18:30 – 20:30

The Art Workers’ Guild
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Past events



Barmer Katab02

Andreu Balius

Type designer

Typecraft Initiative: Type design as a tool for transformation

Type design is an activity that goes beyond the mere creation of new forms to provide an increasingly saturated market of typefaces. As a specialized activity, it can contribute to a more inclusive dialogue within the framework of our global society. Typecraft Initiative organizes and develops type design workshops in which communities of artisans (mainly women) are involved to link their skills and expertise in drawing letters. A strategic aspect is to use these workshops as a way to introduce design methodologies to local communities in India.



Louise Tiplady Woodkirk bench crop

Louise Tiplady

Lettercutter and sculptor


Many things can cause a change in design or working practice. These changes often have a positive influence on current and subsequent work. I predominantly take on commissions for individuals and families. Collaborating with clients to develop designs feels very rewarding. It leads to unexpected changes in direction, and can frequently spark exciting new ideas.
(Photograph by Douglas Atfield)



Portraitwith Woodentypeletterpress DSC 3254

Helene C Jenssen

Calligrapher, graphic designer and bookbinder

All things creative are connected

I believe all things are creatively connected. All the books, pens, type, printing-presses, computers, paints, fabrics, postcards, empty cans, tools, rags, pigments, glasses, magazines, scanners, book-presses, yarn, threads, needles, nibs, brushes and all the other things I have forgotten to mention that are crammed into my studio. They are all part of my creative process together with the people you meet and places you go. In this lecture I will look at the red thread that connects them all in my professional life.



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Barrie Tullett

Typographic artist, designer and lecturer

The joys of commercial obsolescence

A talk about the pleasure to be found in using commercially obsolete print processes to create typographic art; the delights of the analogue; and the ‘thingy-ness’ of books.

Barrie Tullett is a lecturer and graphic designer, who, for over thirty years, has been working on a project to typographically illustrate each Canto of Dante’s Divine Comedy using a different ‘commercially obsolete’ technology for each book.



2 Swashy G

Dan Forster

Lettering artist

Adventures in lettering – an unexpected journey

Being a lettering artist was never my plan. That was something my Dad did. My teenage toe-dip into calligraphy was swiftly deemed both extremely boring and way too difficult. But after career-ing off for 20 years exploring most corners of graphic design, I find myself today firmly fixated on drawing letters, for clients around the world. My talk is about this journey, what it is about letters that keeps me coming back and my obsession with seeking out new (yet familiar) forms within the 26 pre-defined set of shapes that constitute the lettering artist’s ‘blank canvas’.



Voice Of All The Gods Detail

Seb Lester

Lettering artist

Peace, Hellfire & Unicorns

Seb Lester charts his life in letters from student days to working for some of the biggest companies in the world. The presentation includes a section on designing a logo for a NASA space mission. Lester discusses new passions and obsessions, how he ended up with two million followers on social media, and how he became the first visual artist to be offered a one year contract by Apple.



PL William Morris

Peter Lawrence

Wood engraver, designer

The Lettering of William Morris

Of all the crafts that William Morris undertook, his calligraphy was perhaps the most personal, his painted manuscripts being either for his own pleasure or as gifts for friends. The time, patience and detailed execution required for these writings contrast with a popular image of Morris as someone who didn’t have the temperament for such painstaking, repetitive work.