Forum 30



The first writers: Egypt
Part two of the previously unpublished first chapter of Ewan Clayton’s history of writing

Edward Catich
Eric Marland returns to Iowa to talk to the last assistant of Edward Catich, whose book Origin of the Serif revolutionised thinking about the making of Roman capital letters

Decoration yet not decoration
Ann Pillar examines the architectural lettering of Edward Wright.

Watering the Plants
Ieuan Rees reflects on the teaching of lettering

Information, news and reviews
Hopes + Dreams, our new exhibition, reviewed
Charles Smith on ‘massed‘ inscription
Robbie Schneider on teaching at the European Lettering Institute in Bruges
Review of The Eternal Letter by Paul Shaw
His Hands Magic: Michael Renton 1934-2001 at the Lettering Arts Centre reviewed
And other exhibition and book reviews

Obituaries of Ron Costley, Hermann Zapf, Richard Grasby, and Jean Larcher

32 pages
Published September 2015