Vera Evstafieva

I design typefaces to commission, Text and Display, Latin and Cyrillic. I design logos and work on lettering for books and advertisement, I consult my colleagues on Cyrillic letterforms and work on Cyrillic extensions of fonts. I practise calligraphy and write articles about all the varieties of letters.

I am a graduate of Moscow University of Printing Arts, and gained my Master degree at Type & Media course in The Hague, 2004.

Among my type designs are: Amalta, winner of TDC²2011; ALS Direct for wayfinding, which is widely used in Moscow; Cyrillic text styles for Literata type family designed in collaboration with TypeTogether, for Google Play Books application, awarded at Modern Cyrillic 2021; Birra Lambic typeface for the Birra Flight project, Darden Studio, awarded at Communication Arts 2022; Moscow University type; Rossica text typeface, Apriori corporate sans serif, and others. I have also been a Jury Member for several design competitions including Granshan, Sreda, and Typomania.

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