Sebastian Carter

Sebastian read English Literature and Fine Arts at King’s College, Cambridge, and joined his father Will Carter at the Rampant Lions Press in 1966. Since closing the Press in 2008, he has been developing his writing activities, following on from First Principles of Typography in the 1970s (1973), The Book Becomes (1984) and Twentieth Century Type Designers (1987/95).

He has been the European editor of Parenthesis, the journal of the Fine Press Book Association, and has contributed to The Oxford Companion to the Book (2010) and The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, volume 7 (2019). He produced the catalogue of the Rampant Lions Press’s books (Oak Knoll, 2013) and was part-author of The History of the Monotype Corporation (2014). He received the 2013 Laureate Award from the American Printing History Association.

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