Rosella Garavaglia

Rosella is an experienced calligrapher and lettering artist who has worked free-lance for the last 25 years and whose expertise ranges from calligraphy for stationery, poems, and quotations, to logo and letter design. She is a Fellow of CLAS (Calligraphy Lettering Arts Society) and the co-founder of the SLLA (South London Lettering Association).

One of her main interests is to explore the expressive visual potential of the written word through various media and writing implements including fabric, wood, stone, glass, and metal. The starting point is usually the text, a word or a quotation/poem which may inspire a choice of materials and an expression of forms and colours. She has successfully collaborated with poets and writers and occasionally she uses her own words.

She alternates working on commissions with creating art as a means of self-expression and for exhibitions.

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