Robbie Schneider

I specialised in letter design and inscriptional lettercarving after studying sculpture at Camberwell and Byam Shaw Art Schools. A great deal of my work is made to commission for public and private projects but I also exhibit widely.

Inscriptional lettering is the translation of text and word into tangible and visual objects. I work with stone, wood, metals and other media. All have different expressive potential as well as distinct limitations. Well chosen words and good letterforms are only a starting point; it is in the realisation of text in specific materials that the possibilities can extend beyond the purely functional purpose of traditional inscription.

As well as being a full member of Letter Exchange I am an elected member of the Royal Society of Sculptors and the Scottish Lettercutters Association. I teach regularly and have run courses in Britain, Europe and Australia. My work can be found throughout Britain from Kent in the South to Shetland in the far North.

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