Mark Noad

Over my career as a professional graphic designer I’ve learned much and worked for fantastic clients alongside some of the very best in the business. But my involvement with Letter Exchange has been truly life changing.

In recent years I’ve had the opportunity to do many things I hadn’t considered before. Experience lettercutting and letterpress printing taught by the finest exponents of those arts, participate in talks and exhibitions as well as curate ones of my own, build a mad musical sculpture and direct a short film (which you can see here). Not least I’ve had the privilege to be chairman of this wonderful organisation – a role I never imagined myself doing – and cap that off by organising our thirtieth anniversary conference.

This shift in perspective from producing work for clients to producing things for a wider audience has been liberating. The people I’ve collaborated with within Letter Exchange and beyond have been inspirational and I look forward to future projects whatever they might bring.

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