Charles Gurrey

I am a sculptor who makes architectural and civic work, as well as some work for private collections. A complete scheme of work, across the West Front of Guildford Cathedral, completed in 2004, comprised nine figures in relief, abstract panels and sculptural text.

I am interested in how one can develop connections of expressive meaning between the material and conceptual elements in a work. In the way that concrete poetry consists in the connections set-up across subject-matter, words and the physical form of a poem (layout, typeface,etc), so my focus is on the embodied quality of meaning in sculptural work. Subject-matter; purpose for the work; site specified; scale; material(s); the object-form; text where used, and how one physically encounters the work – all these should ideally contribute to the expressive sense of the work.

Not a carved figure or carved quotation; but an Object made.

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