Annika Petersson

Annika Petersson a lettercutter and lettering designer based in Sweden, where she runs her international lettering business, Inscriptorum.

Clients include The National Museum in Stockholm, Newnham College in Cambridge, and Carl Larsson-gården, the museum of Swedish Arts & Crafts artist Carl Larsson. She also works as arts officer for the local authority, managing public art projects, and curating and designing exhibitions.

Apprenticed for three years at the Cardozo-Kindersley workshop in Cambridge, she continued to work there for a further four years. She has a postgraduate in type design from the Royal Academy (KABK) in The Hague, and a BA in Art History and Philosophy. She undertakes a variety of commissions, from gravestones to exhibitions, and is a firm believer in teamwork. She sees her clients as team members, whose participation is essential to creating good work. She is an elected member of The Stockholm Typography Guild.

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