Alec Peever

I studied Lettering at the City and Guilds School of Art in the 1970s followed by a short apprenticeship with Richard Kindersley. My studio has been established for over 35 years and I have been commissioned by Churches, Cathedrals, Universities and many private individuals and institutions.

The commissioning process is something that I have treasured, where the client and I have engaged in the creative process together, with mutual trust. It has given birth to some very surprising results and has meant that I could explore each approach differently, thereby keep everything fresh.

The two principle aspects that characterise my approach to lettering are IDEAS and CRAFTSMANSHIP. To be an exceptional craftsman is a gift, although not attained without plenty of dedicated hard work. The key to it all is DRAWING and that underpins everything I have ever done in my work.

Immersing myself in the practice of my own personal skill has sustained me over all these years, and I have never tired of the simple act of lettercutting in stone or slate. But IDEAS are the creative hub of my output and inspiration can come from almost anywhere.

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